Tuesday, April 5, 2011


If my progress is related to the analogy of a television, now I am starting to see the big picture in High Definition mode. Everything seems to be clearer day by day. Things start to reveal one by one, in this world that we call – Malaysian Education.

Waking up at 6 in the morning is still somewhat ok, and I will have to face this for the rest of my life, probably. But going home at 5, everyday? Like it or not, that phenomenon is starting to be a norm in my daily life from Monday- Friday, and I am not liking it even a bit.

Yes, it is true that teachers are like candles that burn themselves to light the lives of the students. It’s ok if staying at school means delivering my knowledge to the students. But if staying at school means to do clerical works, and other tasks that are not related to teaching and education, please bear in mind that teachers have lives to live.

Other than that, my progress in teaching seems to be good. But I believe if more time is spent to prepare on lessons, rather than “other special tasks”, it would be better. And I believe I am speaking on behalf of most teachers in our beloved country. We have hours at school, and it seems like that we want to put everything inside our students’ mind. And body. And Soul.

Students, taking mine as the subjects, have a lot of potentials in them. But it’s a sad thing to see these potentials to be just kept deep inside because there are not much ways for teachers to bring them out, because there are a lot of side activities for them to think about.

Basically, a teacher lives three different lives, and works in three different fields – Teaching..of course, Managing..tonnes things in school, and this is the one thing that we often ignore that a teacher must focus on – His/Her Family.

For those who think that being a teacher is merely about marking exercise books, THINK AGAIN.


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