Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Some Shit of Mind.

Just like the title of this entry, this is just a piece of crap in my rusty mind after I woke up from a not-so-good sleep and getting moody at people that I should not get moody towards. Yea, this ill-tempered good for nothing guy can be quite annoying at some times. or most of the time.

Well there are quite a lot of things to be said but i wouldn't. To say that I care about peoples' feelings, maybe. Or some people might say just voice out your mind and practice the freedom of speech. to hell with what others think. well, fuck you. I wont hurt people's feelings just like I don't want to be hurt.

Yes I do hate and dislike a lot of things. Sometimes very small things such as a tiny pimple in my nose. It feels like shit. But I need not tell the world about shits like that. or other shits about other people. If I choose to share, I'll share it with someone who is there which I know that someone will listen to whatever crap I say.

If not, I'll just end up here. and let you readers ponder what the hell am I talking about(as if there are readers of this crappy blog. lol).

Well that's about it. too much writing(or typing) may result in more information being leaked. (some infos huh?)

The Essentials of A is this?


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