Sunday, October 3, 2010

Staring Far Into The Future

This semester will soon come to an end in less than 1 month time, and I think that I'm still like who I was last semester, and the semester before and before and before. It's just the same old me. Just older. Maybe.

My quest for a degree ends next year and that may seem to be an end of the exhausting studying days but it's actually a start to another thing. Adulthood. Yes, poop out your eyes Mr. Hamba Malam. Poop it out and pick it up from the floor.

At times,This guy felt he's so ready to confront this new horizon. I felt so confident to go through my courier, my life, and I even set a goal to further studies as a post-graduate student. Oh yes, and let's not forget marriage. Never forget marriage.

But at other times, I think that I'm still far from ready to face all the challenges in the adult world. It's quite hard for me to imagine myself not as a student, what more as a teacher, that educates the future. Or as a husband, that's responsible to take care of my dearest one. Or as a father, that protects my family at every time.

Even now as a student, I sometimes neglect my responsibilities towards my studies. As a son, sometimes I forget my duties towards my parents. As the eldest brother, sometimes I act more childish than my younger siblings. This worries me a lot. Will I be able to walk along the path of adulthood the right way?

Friends have started to plan for their future. Even some had start saving for their marriage. And I am still like this, lingering around the streets looking for cheap thrills. I want to start planning for the future. No, I have planned for my future. I know what I am planning for. I know how I want it to be. And I will do it my way.

I want to be a sincere teacher.
I want to be a loving husband.
I want to be a responsible father.
and I hope I will be all of the above.

I want to be a good man.



  1. Let's just pray for that together!

  2. Tanggungjawab mmg akan datang... who we actually are is defined by the way we handle all of it...

    we just have to strive!