Thursday, March 11, 2010


a reminder to myself.

Just don't make it hard. For myself, and for the other person. Just let time show me the answer. If time gives me the signal that I've to go, I'll go. Seriously, I'll go. Yes, I'll go.

But until the signal shows, I'll always be there if she needs me. I'll wait. It's my choice. It's so much better for me this way. I've been through shit for years. Now's the time that I can smile again. And I wont let even a moment go by unattended. It's my time to care. I'm more than happy to be in this situation right now.

Time, I hope your answer is for me to stay forever. But hopes sometimes fade. And forever seems impossible. And when hope is gone, please dear time, really tell me to go. Beg me to go. I'll go. I'll try. Because in life, we have to move on until we reach the ultimate stop.

Maybe this is not my time to receive, but i know this is my time to give.

Maybe this is not my time to be loved, but I know this is my time to love.


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