Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Parody of IF

If you ever found yourself in a room,
Placed in the highest floor of a skyscraper,
With all the golden furniture inside,
And all people on the floors below obeys only you,
Or the people in the buildings next door,
Have no other feelings towards you except envy,
And you think that you are the best,
Then think again.
If years ago, there’s no person you called teacher,
Where might you end up today?

If you ever wake up in the middle of the night,
Just to find out that there’s someone sleeping besides you,
And to you, she’s the whole world’s beauty,
And suddenly thinking about the rooms next door,
Where the seeds of your love sway themselves,
In the pleasure of beautiful dreams,
Then you smiled alone.
If it was not that teacher who told you,
The meaning of living life with love,
Will you smile like you did just now?

If someday you found yourself in darkness,
And you can never go out of that place,
Because the door and the window are simply steel bars,
And the light you see everyday,
Is only accompanied by the shadows of those bars,
And the darkness is your only friend,
When the nights lower its curtains,
And tears of regret came out each lonely second.
Then your heart says:
If only you followed a simple advice by your teacher,
“Be a good man.”
Will you be some place else tonight?

If our goal is for all the wealth in the world,
All they ever wanted is for us to achieve it.
If they ever see one of us fell down,
They would do anything in the world to help us get back up,
If even only one person remembers them,
That would be enough to make them smile.
Thank You Teacher.


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